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163 rue du Colombier
31670 Labège
Phone : +33 5 62 24 36 76


22 avenue Lionel Terray
69330 JONAGE
Phone : +33 4 78 89 63 61


3 rue Roger Renzo «l’Orée du Parc»
13008 Marseille
Phone : +33 4 91 82 22 30


Parc d'activités des Grésillières
5 avenue Jules Verne
44230 Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire
Phone : +33 2 40 34 11 22


Rue faubourg «lo barri»
12000 Rodez
Phone : +33 5 65 69 27 61


Les Ateliers Nouveaux
8/10 rue des Blés
93200 Saint Denis
Phone : +33 1 49 21 01 44

Our business expertise

We’ve been specialists in acoustics and vibration since 1976. But our greatest pride is in being project facilitators, for our customers and partners. 

A word from our Chairman

Our watchwords at Groupe Gamba are: technical rigor, optimizing specifications, listening to needs. Our culture is both technical and human, and we owe this to our very specific discipline: acoustics and vibration. It's because we listen - the human element - that acoustics - the technical element - exists. 

We are the result of the merger of a number of structures that have played an important role in the history of acoustic engineering. As a result, Groupe Gamba has been in existence for almost 50 years and has over 100 years of cumulative experience. On the scale of the history of this discipline - acoustic and vibration engineering - this is colossal. Yet we challenge ourselves every day. In a world that is changing ever more rapidly, we have to adapt constantly. 

The leitmotivs of our actions are to adapt our businesses while remaining solid on our foundations, to be open to the unavoidable challenges facing society, to continue to provide quality service and to offer innovative and unique acoustic and vibration calculation tools. Solid ethics, strong values and recognized technical expertise are the values we uphold. 

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Our quality approach places our customers at the heart of our concerns and aims to ensure the coherence and efficiency of our organization.

The O.P.Q.I.B.I. has awarded Groupe GAMBA the following certificates of qualification: 

  • 1601 Acoustic study
  • 1602 Transport infrastructure acoustics engineering
  • 1603 Industrial acoustic engineering
  • 1604 building acoustics engineering
  • 1605 Environmental acoustics engineering


We are an active member of several professional networks (AIOc, GIAc, CINOV, AFTIM, RESACT, SFA, CACT, etc.) and of the main technical committees preparing standards (OPQIBI, Qua-litel, AFNOR) and regulations.

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