The Group

A historic foundation

1976 in Toulouse: the story of Groupe Gamba begins, with René Gamba, then a young doctor in fluid mechanics, setting up on his own. He was joined some fifteen years later by his future partners, now at the head of the group.

The Gamba Group is a constantly evolving structure, with managing shareholders, a policy of opening up the shareholding to employees wishing to invest in this project, and constant, sustainable development in France and abroad.

Evolution as a principle of life

We believe that the development of employees and managers within the company depends on the opportunities offered to each individual, so that tomorrow is not like yesterday. That's why our strategic choices and our adaptations to the external environment always include this dimension of evolution, whether geographical, technical or in terms of responsibilities.

It's a source of pleasure at work, and a formidable force for the long-term future of our structure and the quality of our relations with our external network.

Group development

There were around ten of us in the early 2000s, fifty in 2015 and 80 in 2019. Gamba and serdB, an international specialist in vibrations for guided transport (tramways, metros), joined forces in 2017.

SerdB's highly specialized expertise opens up new technical and geographical horizons, with large-scale projects on other continents. In spring 2019, Acouphen became a subsidiary of the Gamba Group.

In January 2020, the two companies will merge. The group will thus reinforce its excellence in the traditional fields of acoustic engineering and its leadership position in the emerging field of vibration treatment. For our customers and partners: multiple skills, greater responsiveness and local presence throughout France. Since the spring, teams from both organizations have been working together, sharing their know-how.

We provide services of the highest technical level, providing expert answers through studies, consultancy and project management of acoustic and vibratory solutions at every stage of the project, respecting customer satisfaction, in the fields of building, urban areas, transport infrastructure and industry.

The Gamba Group from 1976 to 2022

Quality and ethics

A history of associates and employees driven by the same ideal: to perpetuate a practice based on questioning, research and innovation, for quality services and the fulfillment of everyone in the company. 

Gender Equality Index

Groupe GAMBA s’engage pour l’égalité homme/femme. Le Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de l’Insertion a mis en place un index calculé à partir de 4 indicateurs pour les entreprises de plus de 50 salariés. GROUPE GAMBA n’a pu calculer son Index pour l’exercice 2023 car le nombre maximal de points pouvant être obtenu est inférieur à 75 :

  • Gender pay gap : NC
  • Difference in the distribution of individual increases : 35/35
  • Employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave : NC
  • Parity among the 10 highest earners : 0/10

At Gamba Group, we speak 7 languages!

🇫🇷 Français
🇬🇧 Anglais
🇪🇸 Espagnol
🇵🇹 Portugais
🇦🇪 Arabe
🇮🇷 Persan
🇷🇸 Serbe

...and we use them!

Our structure

The GAMBA Group is a subsidiary of GAMBA INTERNATIONAL. 

GAMBA Group Company name: Gamba Acoustique 

  • SAS with capital of €331,580.
  • Registered in the Commercial Register of Toulouse under number 450 059 001.
  • SIRET 450 059 001 000 21
  • APE code 7112B.






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