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From the outset, Groupe Gamba has been involved in Research and Development in a wide range of acoustic and vibration fields, with the aim of satisfying a number of needs:

  • Maintain our acoustic and vibration engineering activities at the highest scientific and technical level. This mainly involves developing new methodologies and calculation tools by extending our state of the art, through self-financing or by presenting projects eligible for public funding, particularly European funding;
  • Meet the expectations of our customers and partners in terms of their own needs.

Our areas
of expertise

Acoustic Propagation

Acoustic Propagation
  • weather effects,
  • screen effects,
  • reverberation,
  • intelligibility,
  • room acoustics,
  • human perception, binaural sound reproduction, etc.

Acoustic behavior of materials

Acoustic behavior of materials
  • affaiblissement acoustique,
  • niveau de bruit de choc,
  • bruit de roulement,
  • absorption,
  • diffusion
  • performance des systèmes antivibratiles

Effect of noise and vibration on humans

Effect of noise and vibration on humans
  • exposition vibratoire et sonore des travailleurs,
  • perception,
  • risques sanitaires,
  • cout social du bruit

Vibratory propagation

Vibratory propagation
  • traitements antivibratiles,
  • propagation dans les sols et les structures,
  • interactions sol/structure
  • vibration dans les bâtiments
  • bruit solidien

R&D and Wood Construction

The acoustic and vibratory behavior of wood buildings is one of the subjects we've invested heavily in over the last few years, to be able to offer services that enable us to better predict without over-dimensioning, and thus support wood projects (vibrations, airborne noise and structure-borne noise).

Our daily missions

Acoustic and vibratory characterization of materials, simulation of the acoustic and vibratory performance of construction systems and rail transport systems, development of dedicated models and software, assistance in the development of industrial products and appliances, are the daily work of our teams of engineers and PhD students.

Groupe GAMBA develops its software

Over the last few decades, we have marketed a number of internationally-renowned tools, such as AcousPropaAcousSting or AcousStiff.Other tools, reserved for our own use, are developed on an ongoing basis and enable us to offer differentiated solutions, notably in the field of generating and treating railway vibrations at source and in buildings (dBTrack, Siprovib, Biovib). We also rely on market tools such as Mefissto and Ansys for finite element modeling.

2D modeling of impulse wave propagation in a room using the finite-difference time-domain method. Two sides of the room are equipped with a Schroeder diffuser (QRD, N=59) and the other two sides have an anechoic termination. The wave encounters a human head represented by an ellipse positioned between the REC L and REC R points.






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