Technal Active Acoustic Window

Technal Active Acoustic Window Technal Active Acoustic Window. She’s developed by TECHNAL in partnership with the Mechanical and Acoustic Laboratory of the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the Gamba Acoustique Group. Source :… RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

Acoustic decoupling a subwoofer on a cruise ship

subwoofer vibrations

Acoustic decoupling a subwoofer on a cruise ship How to avoid transmitting music by vibrations in passenger cabins? In order to have a fun cruise, you’ll need shows and music, and therefore a theatre with a proper sound system. But in a space where every square metre matters and the party is in full swing, […]

Anechoic chamber in Nantes

salle anechoique-3

Anechoic chamber in Nantes Available for acoustic pressure and power level measurements under lab conditions. Consult us. And some eye candy, more than the ears, because the hearing experience in an anechoic room can be unpleasant, here are some photos (by Nicolas Boutin).   Contact us






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