Acoustic decoupling a subwoofer on a cruise ship

How to avoid transmitting music by vibrations in passenger cabins?

Thu 10 October 2019
In order to have a fun cruise, you’ll need shows and music, and therefore a theatre with a proper sound system. But in a space where every square metre matters and the party is in full swing, there is a significant risk that the cabins close to the hall get exposed to acoustics disturbance.

The Videlio-HMS company specialises, amongst other activities, in sound system setup for cruise ships and liners while focusing on the sound performance and ensuring it won’t disturb the passengers peace of mind.
The mounting of the loudspeakers to the boat walls is to be considered carefully, in particular with regard to the subwoofers, which are powerful and convey low frequencies far in the boat structure.

It is in this context that Videlio-HMS entrusted Gamba Group with:
● A theoretical design study for subwoofer mounting systems with low frequency vibrations filtering solutions.
● Followed by tests in the anechoic room of the Nantes agency of Groupe Gamba.

The result being a set of previsional simulations with multiple scenarios, levels of freedom, optimisations, and vibrations measures in our acoustic labs. This original project gave us the opportunity to show our expertise, which can also be applied to building structures.

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